Interviewer: Jessica Marquez
Interviewee: Undisclosed company owner

1.) What qualities do you posses?

I have great interaction and communication skills that allow me to
network. In my type of business networking is a key aspect.
Relationship building is very important in building my clientele. It
is the relationships that I have developed and kept in good standing
over the years that have allowed me to be successful.

2.) How did you start?

I started working in this area thirty one years ago. It was over ten
years ago towards the end of my job, before retiring when I began to
build relationships with people in the community and decided to start
my own company. Once I retired I had more time to devote to starting
my own company and that is exactly what I did.

3.) How did you fail?

Sometimes I have failed by losing clientele. It is important to make
sure that each customer is happy with the services provided.

4.) What advice do you have for community benefit organizations?

Relationship building and sustaining active and healthy relationships
is a key ingredient to having a company or organization that provides
services to people in within the community. Always be honest with the
people you are serving. Provide quality services, never try to reach
many and not be able to give people your best.