As posted earlier, I interviewed Stephen Ramirez, CEO of the California Health Collaborative. Throughout the interview, I listened intently to his responses to my questions. It was interesting to hear what he has gone through and where he has ended up today. When he was listing the qualities that he possessed, it made me think what qualities I felt I had as my strengths, but also whether or not we shared some qualities. Understanding what he had to offer to the community made me feel inspired to be even better than what I am already and what I can give to the community. Also, a lot of the time, I found myself listening to his stories and his advice more than writing down notes for the assignment. From that, I learned that I am a scholar that wants to continue improving and help the community in any way that I possibly can. He helped me realize that there is always room for both personal and professional growth, but that the passion we both carry in helping the community is what truly brings the best out of us all.

Michelle A.