• Entrepreneur is Cameron Walker owns his own busines

    1. vision as an entrepreneur is the most important, followed by persistence, then of coarse you have to have a good work ethic.

  • 2. A buddy from collage asked me if I was open to making more money outside what I was currently doing… He gave me an idea of how it works and then I met with a leader in the area. He showed me everything I needed to know in a Starbucks. Haha true story!

  • 3. Depends on how you define failure… Thomas Edison did not "fail" 10,000 times before he created the light bulb, HE SUCCEEDED ONCE! Moral of the story, EVERY entrepreneur FAILS, but it is all part of the process of SUCCEEDING.

  • My advice for Non-profit organizations is to VALUE YOUR PEOPLE! People are the most potent resource available to you, TREAT them with RESPECT and DIGNITY. Remember, in most cases they are volunteers. So your LEADERSHIP is CRUCIAL! LEAD BY EXAMPLE, NOT BY ACTION.

    Reflection: The the overall message that I got from this was that entrepreneurs think ahead and are persistent with reaching their goals despite whatever failures they might inquire. As a future CBO leader, I plan to lead and find creative ways to keep my organization well structured and stable. Continue to look for ways in bringing funding in through risk taking is better then to take no risks at all. Dealing with failure is something that no one should let bring them down. As a collegiate athlete, and as a young professional, failure has hit me more then enough for me to know that failure comes with attempts to succeed. A quote that always sticks with me is that "You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take". So take a shot!

    Matthew Grijalva