I have known about community based organizations (CBO) since childhood through interactions with Salvation Army, Girls and Boy’s, and the YMCA. As I got older I have volunteered for numerous CBO’s for various lengths of times, and even thought I understood how some of them worked. Through this class I have been astonished to realize how much I didn’t know about CBO’s and how they actually work, and the extent of work that must be done for them to function properly. I have recently even held the goal of creating a CBO or Non Governmental Organization in the future without the knowledge of what this type of organization entails. I have a new found admiration and pride in the CBO’s I have worked for and the many I have always respected and held in High esteem. This class is the reality check I have been needing and I can’t wait to learn more about CBO’s; the type organization I hope to work for, work closely with, and possibly create in the future.