Interviewee: Stephen Ramirez, CEO of California Health Collaborative
Interviewer: Michelle A.

What qualities do you possess (as an entrepreneur)?

Creativity, vision (able to see the bigger picture), willingness to work and collaborate with others, patience, resourceful, and willing to learn from mistakes (open-minded).

How did you start?
It all started with school, the academic life. The more exposure he had to the Public Health field and the community, the more he developed a passion to work in that area for the benefit of the community. He developed programs and worked on projects on medical issues for under-served areas.

How did you fail?
Failure occurs when you don't do enough research on the background of the issue. Miscalculating the community and the market on what they want versus what they need was also a part of his failure, as well as needing to bring in partners that could be helpful.

Advice for CBO's?
Be proactive rather than anticipate. Change activities if there is something negative that could possibly result. Predict/anticipate to come up with plans to deal with possible problems and prevent those problems from occurring.