I chose to interview my aunt, Theaudry Carruth, mainly because she is
really involved in the community and is currently working on a book
that should be release sometime this summer. My aunt started out as a
member of the Corvette club that holds events that she would MC at and
after she decide to branch off and MC at other events. She also has a
modeling group known as Ah So Chic, that has been around for going on
15 years. They recently had an anniversary where she brought the
models back that started with her and combined them with the new
models to put on a show. She also sells make up for Mary Kay to
family and friends, and event plans on her spare time. She is
somewhat of a inspiration to me because she is so involved and that
how I want to be when I eventually settle into my career. The book
TeaCake Conversations, she is recently working on was inspired by our
family because on Sunday’s we would come over and eat breakfast and
just have girl talk. I’m so proud of her and I can’t wait to see how
her book turns out.

Camile Duria