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Chris Cummings is a business entrepreneur who has worked in the real estate and investment industry since 1980.  In Fresno, his most visible role is as the Managing General Partner of the Fresno Grizzlies Baseball Club, the Triple-A franchise affiliate to the San Francisco Giants.  However, Chris also works as a real estate development consultant, who is known for possessing expertise in the area of leasing, managing, and selling underperforming properties. 

What qualities make you an entrepreneur?


work an “insane” number of hours

dictate my own schedule

often work from home

bill clients for services

possess expertise

seek new challenges

formulate and propose solutions

believe my efforts can make a difference

How did you start?

After 25 years+ of working for a variety of companies in the area of housing, real estate development, and banking, I was hired to work as a full-time consultant to assemble real estate and investors for a proposed stadium project for the Boston Red Sox in downtown Boston.

Have you experienced failure? 

I wouldn’t call it failure.  I have missed opportunities to expand my portfolio – or to grow my business, but I feel that an entrepreneur has the ability to make choices.    

What advice do you have for CBOs?

Make sure your organization has “marketability” and that you do your best to identify – and network with – others who can help your organization reach its goals. 

Mona’s Reflections Regarding Interview:

I loved having the opportunity to interview my husband about his career.  I admire his ability to navigate the “complicated waters” of the business world – and his ability to thrive under pressure.  

After I finish my MPA this May, we have plans to develop a community project in the Gorongosa region of Mozambique.  We hope that by leveraging my experience in community development with his business acumen, we can build a meaningful “community empowerment” project.