What qualities would you say entrepreneur possess?

Entrepreneurs must be a little be insane.  They have an ability to handle risk and uncertainty. They are persistent in pursuing goals and don’t get derailed easily.


How did you start?

I recognized an opportunity to capitalize on my existing skill sets and make a personal investment as opposed to doing the same work for someone else.


How did you fail?

I was inexperienced and didn’t understand debt and commercial banking. While I learned a lot from the experience, I eventually was forced to close one of my businesses due to a partners bankruptcy.


Advice for someone who works in a CBO?

Never forget that you are an actual business. Your bottom line may not be measured in currency, but you must operate with basic business principles.


Personal Reflection

Mr. Iest doesn’t have a lot of experience in the CBO world, but I enjoyed talking to him about his varying business ventures and just listening to the various types of business ideas he is constantly looking to pursue. The biggest thing I took away from my discussion with Mr. Iest is that in order to be successful in today’s business world you must be flexible and b