Jill Griffitts, Program Director of Clovis Math Solutions

1.     What are the qualities do you have/possess as an entrepreneur?

a.     I have always had big goals. I tend to recognize possibilities versus limitations. I will not let things stand in my way. As a founder of tutoring center, when I see a big building I think of the capacity to tutor more students and how I could expand our services.

2.     How did you start?

a.     I started tutoring through a tutoring program at College of the Sequoias.  When I graduated I was no longer eligible for student employment but the director put my name on the referral list. This connected me with parents of local high school students who were looking for a tutor. I started tutoring from my home and then moved into an office space which quickly grew to three locations in Visalia.  When I got married, I sold everything and moved to Clovis. After a few years of teaching in the classroom, I started tutoring again.  I currently have a tutoring center on Peach and Alluvial in Clovis called Clovis Math Solutions.

3.     How did you fail?

a.     I failed by trying to do everything at once and spreading myself too thin. I have failed by trying to grow too fast because I see other tutoring businesses and I want to compete on their level immediately. The failure comes from the fact that these other centers have already established foundations (expensive franchised foundations), whereas my center is currently establishing those foundations because we have only been around for 10 months. Over the past 10 months we have created so much to be in a position to compete with larger tutoring centers, but in hindsight we should have grown a little slower.

4.     Advice for someone who works in CBO’s?

a.     Recognize your worth and don’t let people convince you that you are not valuable. A big regret is accepting less than the services were worth. The whole idea is that we need to be successful enough to cover overhead expenses or we won’t be around to provide services in the future.
Coreen Aguilar's Reflection:
As a Humanics scholar, I cannot help noticing that some of the key points Jill has made as a business owner are very important for CBO's as they grow and develop. Building a strong foundation before expansion and making sure that you ask for the financing that you are worth because every organization has overhead costs! I also noticed that for Jill, networking at her first tutoring job developed into her becoming a Program Director of a tutoring center. This is important because it reminds me that we never get to take a break from developing our careers, even on an entry level and that we can always have big plans as long as we fill in the smaller details.