I made a phone call to my high teacher who advocated the importance of helping kids outside of school. She was not a core subject teacher. She was my teacher for college prep. This leads me to her company called “Thinking Big Educational Services” in southern California. She provides tutoring/counseling services to high school kids, just as she did in high school. She explained there will always be a demand for it and within our community, she wanted to help our youth. On advice she had for other CBOs (specifically ones in the area of interest), “Results are important, but if you stress results so much, you lose sight of your goal and promise. The results will come when you follow through on your vision and goal. Keep that connection with the kids and community because those are the people you fall back on.” She’s an amazing woman, and I look forward to seeing a change within the city I grew from and our youth prospering

-Deshawn Larrimore (Soc 150T)