February, 28, 2012
Yesterday Dr. Simmons told us that in order to truly reflect we needed distance. He gave an example of looking close up in a mirror and not being able to visibly see what is in front of you. In order to see clearly, we have to step back, detach ourselves, and create the space needed to see what is in front of us. I respect people who work hard by putting in the time and effort to assist others. However, I believe we have too many people looking to close in the mirror and do not see what is right in front of them. The problems we face right now are growing larger every day:

·         Increasingly high unemployment rates

·         Increasingly high dropout rates from high school

·         Women and children left to fend for themselves because the other half refuses to do their part

·         Homelessness

·         Hunger

·         So much more right here in the richest country

Mitt Romney made reference to the poor and how he was not worried about them because they have a safety net. There are a copious amount of people who would like to create their own safety net without having to rely on government hindrance. Yesterday I learned that there are several organization’s here in Fresno who leave the US to empower others; that’s not what government hindrance practices. To rely on this safety net requires people to take on the stigma and condemnation of having less than the norm. Do not misunderstand me, I think it’s a wonderful thing to help others in the world. However, I’m reaffirmed every day that I need to be a part of something here (in front of me) that benefits our communities and empowers us because we have lost our way.
Tara Wren