Interviewer: Christina Noori

Interviewee: Erik Beltran, local artist and 2011 Fresno Magazine’s Best Local Artist Winner

1)      What entrepreneurial qualities do you possess?

“I have always been good at networking, I love talking to people so it comes easily to me. I am very hardworking, and I can’t stand unfinished tasks. I am very flexible and can easily adjust what I am doing to meet changing demands.”


2)      How did you get started?

“Ever since I was young I’ve loved art, so it comes naturally that I would want to do it ad a profession. I began to network with local artists at a young age, this helped me to get a feel for what art as an industry is like and how I should go about pushing my art into the public arena. I also began to talk to business owners about allowing me to paint murals on their buildings; it’s kind of just trial and error.”


3)      How have you failed?

“In the past I would focus more on doing artwork I wanted to and would pass up business opportunities. I think it’s important not to compromise your vision, but I’ve definitely learned how to mesh my vision with business opportunities.”


4)      What advise would you give to CBOs?

“I would tell them not to give up when it gets tough. I would also tell them to be open to working with other organizations, even seemingly unrelated ones, you never know where you’ll find inspiration and where opportunities will lead you.”