This was an amazing experiece that I was glad to be part of.  This event not only extended my understanding of Community Based Organizations but it also gave me the perspective of the people that fund them.  I want to thank Darius Assemi, Kaye Bonner Cummings and Paula DeYoung for their bright insight in funding organizations.  Mrs. Bonner let us know that the purpose of Humanics is to serve. She explained to us that when dealing with organizations the funder should become very involved with the organization to unsure that the money goes to were it was intended.  Mrs DeYoung let us know that one must fund things that interest you that way you can feel confortable that the money is put to good use.  Mrs. Deyoung works for a housing company and there for most of the organizations she has been involved with deal with the housing market. One thing that i found interresting was that she was involved in one of the houses for ABC’s Extreme Make Over Home Edition.  Finally Mr. Assemi expressed that the goals of the organization should support the needs of the community.  His involvement with different organizatios varing from housing, education and both local and non local organization make him an expert in the matter and I was overjoyed to listen to his presentation.  I feel like this meeting was extremely productive as I got to learn from profecionals what it is like to be fund organizations.



Sinder Hernandez