It was so great to hear and learn from Kaye Bonner, Darius Assemi, and Paula DeYoung! I loved Bonner’s definition of a philanthropist, which she defined as someone who serves. Before the panel, I viewed philanthropists as wealthy people who mostly cared about where their money was going. My perspective was so wrong! Kaye, Darius, and Paula helped me to understand that they care a great deal about what the organization is about, if the board is doing their part, and how the organization is making an impact in the community. Now I know that philanthropists are not money-lovers, but instead they are people who want to sincerely support people in their community. I loved how Darius said, “Philanthropy is not just about giving money away, it’s about taking another person’s pain away.” That is powerful! It is awesome that these philanthropists deeply care about how to improve the Fresno community, and it was inspiring to meet such passionate and generous people!

-Christina Briones