I throughly enjoyed listening and interacting with the guest speakers at Arte Americas. It was especially interesting to hear their descriptions of philanthropy. While Mrs. DeYoung and Mr. Assemi had wonderful testemonies of how their businesses began, as well as their journey that lead them to CBO's, I identified with Kaye Bonner Cummings the most. As an art student, I often find people unsuccessfully trying to link my degree to my interest in CBO's.  To many, it doesn't make sense. How on earth could art and community benefit organizations tie together? Mrs. Bonner Cummings reminded me that the two are hand in hand. Painting, drawing, sculpture, dance, theater, poetry are all outlets and opportunities to not only share a part of themselves but a very human way to connect with one another. Hardly anything is made in a non-factory setting anymore- we buy cards that were mass produced and given to at least a million other people, while we feed and fuel a society of unoriginal imagery. Handcrafted, unique, and thoughtful art is one of the few aspects of live we can still leave our mark on. It was comforting to hear Kaye speak so passionately about the arts, especially in education. My orignal plan was to earn a single subject credential in order to become an art teacher, but the current negative economy scared me away from it.  I was comforted by the fact that she felt the urge to selflessly give to programs to help teachers incorporate art into their lesson plans. Art in the educational setting is extremely important to me and I am so thankful that a philanthropist feels the same passion for it. Depriving children and adults from art is a scary reality and I hope art continues to make its way back into the school systems.