How do we understand Failure? What is failure? How can we cope with failure? Recently, I had the chance to experience theses questions with a field internship that I am in this semester.  Without going into great detail I discovered that personality traits could have a major impact as why a person thinks they fail but in reality it might be just a control issue. Below, I have attached some additional information that helped me understand this issue and I encourage individuals to read this book along with the quote provided by the author.


“Failure comes with a lot questions that an individual can ask himself or herself. Such as, will others be able to understand me? Can I deal with my values of being respected or understood? Or can I judge myself upon failure that comes with a consequence? I personally define failure as a learning experience. Yes, I think you can grow without failure based on the appropriate perception of your soundings. With regards to being perfect I referred to this Book about being too perfect which I found very interesting. Let me know what you think after reading the abstract. In addition I have also included some readings regarding the first two questions about failure. “ Relate the quote and the book and the author


[BOOK] Too perfect: When being in control gets out of control

A Mallinger… – 2011 –

traits is rooted in these two needs—to be in control and to be “perfect.” These include: a fear of
making errors a fear of making a wrong decision or the rules emotional guardedness a tendency
to be stubborn or oppositional a heightened sensitivity to being pressured or