I called on my father to have lunch to ask him these questions about the entrepreneurial spirit. Plus, I couldn’t resist asking one question of my own.
         What are the qualities entrepreneurs possess?
“Entreprenuers think out of the box. They are creative and come up with efficient alternatives/services that are anticipatory, higher quality, and done differently. By doing so, they are taking a risk of time, money and equipment that may or may not get your money back, or make a profit. Furthermore, entrepreneurers come from diverse backgrounds.”
         How did you start?
“I had an interest in business, and earned a M.B.A. So, first I learned what everyone else [in the field] does, then I thought of better/different ways to do it. The Navy gave me some experience, I opened Dave’s Flower shop business in flea markets, then opened a Subway sandwich shop. After I sold that, I went to law school, passed the bar, and became an attorney, working for law firms for awhile, then eventually started my own law firm.”
         Where do Entrepreneurs fit on the Social class scale?
“Entrepreneurs seem to mainly be at the low and high ends of the social class scale.
         How have you failed? (problems?)
“Yes, there have been some mistakes over the years, one problem has been collecting for services, interpreting laws to fit the situation, and conceptualizing value to non-material items, i.e. the loss of a dog.
         Any advice for a CBO?
” I would suggest that CBO’s have less boundaries, to get innovative with solutions to social ills. And to perhaps focus more on the community use of property.”
What an interesting lunch.