As we approach mid-semester, my team has decided on what our work plan will consist of. After our last team meeting I felt very sure of my team and the direction we are going in. I know that my team understands the quality of work we need to present, and how critical it is to both us and the organization to provide the most useful resources out there. Yes, this is a project for the course, but we are working with real organization who honestly need our help and guidance in operating better and sustaining in the future. Our work will impact their organization beyond the end of the semester, and they count it being a very good impact! Joan from Fresno Pacific told us last week that we are Humanic Scholars investing into CBOs throughout Fresno. Our work is our investment! What we invest into them will reflect on our program, but more importantly the CBO who is looking for our advice.  So as an investor, I am working to see my efforts be as fruitful as possible.