Visiting Neighborhood Thrift and speaking with Anthony and Bryan was personally very encouraging. I was attracted to this program mainly because I craved a career that revolved around serving, developing meaningful relationships, and bettering my surroundings. It is obvious to see that Anthony and Bryan have the same heart for their job. It was also encouraging to seem someone closer to my age in this job field. I think younger people tend to get a bad reputation, especially in this generation, for being careless and greedy. Another aspect that I enjoyed was the underlying motive of faith. As a Humanics scholar, I will do my best to serve others and try be a light in the community. My main reason is my faith. Without getting too religious on everyone, I really believe that believing in a generous and loving Christ goes hand-in-hand with being a selfless and caring human being. We move because we love. Those at Neighborhood Thrift work with their employees, side by side. Arrogance or any sort of power trip was nonexistent. It simple was an organization humbly serving those in their community and being an example to those within it. It was an awesome sight to visit and I commend Bryan, Anthony, and those at Neighborhood Thrift for their hard work!