Learning by forming our own boards in class has taught me so much about CBO’s and how they function. Hearing the panel at Arte America gave me the other perspective, that of those who fund CBO’s. Because CBO’s can not exist without funders it was enlightening to hear why it is they fund CBO’s, and what draws them to certain CBO’s, which was always their personal passions and relationships.

 I enjoyed the diversity of the panel in reference to the sphere of life they try to influence. Kaye Bonner Cummings focusing on enhancing local education, Paula DeYoung is interested in children and medicine country wide as well as local. Darius Assemi focused on locally children have access to basic needs but also focus internationally and in the health care realm. It is good to know that three of the most impactful donors in the valley have different outlooks and passions that lead them to influencing distinctive areas.