When I got home yesterday after the panel at Arte Americas and thought
about everything that was talked about, I realized how many questions
I wished I would have asked. One of the first things we talked about
this semester was about being present and how it doesn’t matter if
you’re physically there if you’re not mentally involved. That was me
yesterday. I wasn’t feeling very well and it led to me not being 100%
present, which is a little disappointing because of how interesting
the panelists and the work that they do are. I was particularly
intrigued by what Darius Assemi and Paula DeYoung have been able to do
with their for-profit businesses to help the CBO sector. Granville
Homes and DeYoung Properties are great examples of how businesses can
become involved in helping the community and, as Mrs. DeYoung
explained in her definition of community, the world. I found it so
inspiring that all three panelists’ family businesses have created
foundations in order to fund the efforts of CBO’s. It shows that their
families value much more than the profit that they earn and are just
as passionate about making the world a better place as those we
commonly see as servants. Philanthropists are also servants and they
strive to use their wealth to help others. Dan Pallota explained to us
in one of our readings that, “It is time that our vision of change
incorporated a vision of a whole person. We must allow those who dream
a dream for others to dream a dream for themselves as well.” This
statement is almost exactly what Mr. Assemi said to us yesterday, in
that we should provide incentives for the wealthy to give back and
encourage everybody to be as financially successful as they can so
that they can use their wealth to help the world.
Although I wasn’t as present and involved as I would have liked to be
yesterday, I still took a lot out of what I heard and will be reaching
out to the speakers to make sure they know how great they all were and
to potentially become involved with the work that they are doing. They
are all great people from great families who work hard to help Fresno
and the rest of the human community.