The panel last night was so amazing and such a valuable experience. I learn so much regarding the work it goes into working within a Community Benefit organizaton and together starting an organization from nothing. It was wonderful to hear that each Philanthropist started their own CBO orgnization from an idea, passion, or something that needs to change. These three people have inspired me that any idea or passion is possible with people who want to put in the effort and dedication to see it come alive. Darius Assemi, Kaye Bonner Cummings and Paula DeYoung each have their own interests and even after starting their own CBOs are giving back to communities that fit their interests and goals. Each of them shared good advice that will help the education group I am in choosing a CBO to donate to and about things that I am determined to be involved in one day. The Arte Americas gallery was so beautiful and I thank each of the individuals for participating and coming out to help scholars looking to learn and grow.
Nkeiru Uzegbu