March 15, 2012
On Monday our group finally met with our coaches and the Executive Director of our organization. Many questions were asked to get a feel for the organization and what could be done to help it thrive. Of the many questions asked, the one important revelation was the fact that they wanted to expand the people (outreach) not the mission. This meeting was a discovery of why it’s important to ask the right questions.

·         Sometimes you have to rephrase the question in order to get a better understanding.

·         Sometimes you have to keep asking it in order to make sure you get the same response.

·         Sometimes you have to keep asking different questions in order for the right one to be asked.

 The more questions you ask, the more other questions come to mind. I would consider this very much like a trial lawyer, asking tough questions, but less intimidating.

 As consultants it’s very important to remember what our role is. As I stated in a previous blog, consultants are there to give resources and tools in order for the organization to build or repair what needs to be fixed. Consultants cannot fix the problem, but can be a new set of eyes to see what is hidden or what was forgotten. With this particular organization, knowing and understanding the mission, attracting new groups and understanding their value structure will be the basis of reconstructing and reforming their foundation. Figuring out the how’s will be a challenge.