March 19, 2012
Starting a CBO and developing a board is very much like starting and maintaining a family. The problem with most families as well as new startups is the:

·         Lack of planning

·         Lack of support

·         Lack of focus

·         Lack of vision

·         Lack of commitment

·         Lack of communication

·         Lack of compromise

·         Lack of direction

·         Lack of money

One person can’t do it all! You have to find the right people who share the vision. You have to develop each other, keeping each other accountable for the organization/family. Sometimes you have to let go of the dead weight and rebuild. The road is long, mazy, cunning; full of bumps and road blocks. There are times you will come to a cross road and sit there thinking about which way to go. Do you give up? Do you continue down the same beat up path? Do you change direction and travel down a new path in order to fulfill the vision? CBO’s and their boards need to reflect on the past to remember what brought them together. Reflect on the present to become better than they were and continually plan out the future in order to stay on a noble path. When those cross roads come and they will at least there will be a map strategically guiding them to their vision.
Tara Wren