Reflection: Keep it Simple
March 7, 2012
A positive plus a positive equals a positive. Adding a positive with a negative is a negative. It’s more of an advantage to have two or more people come together and model the five pledges individually to have a stronger force for good. So much needs to be changed in order to be productive and it starts with the man/woman in the mirror. Dr. Simmons stated “in order to change culture we must first change the language so that behaviors can change”. It’s up to the individual to say “I’m going cold turkey” and change the bad habit to create a good habit. Our group focused on sharing, nurturing and adapting; something we seem to do well together. In our meeting on Sunday, we came together shared good ideas, nurtured each other’s ideas to be better ones and adapted to the situation to make a really good mission statement. Our meeting was a positive accomplishment.
Much of what we talk about in class is something we perform in our everyday lives. Sometimes we make things out to be more than they really are. When we want to figure out how to do something we automatically Google how to do it; hence, “models are the best way to figure out how’s”.  When we tell someone “be real” or “that’s real” all we are really saying is “be authentic in everything you do”. As a Humanic’s scholar’s we are leaders of humanity working for the forces of good and service to others; thus, “live the compassion and work to uplift others”. If something isn’t working, for example: your schedule or a driving route, you try it then you change it to make it better or more efficient; hence, “change ways to measure success”. Finally, when it comes down to making important decisions; whether it be, your choice of employment, the location of where you want to live, or coming to class even though you don’t feel like it, we must “focus on what matters”! What we commit to ourselves should be transferred to others to start a chain reaction of good. Have you ever been in a Starbucks drive through and someone paid for your order? Did you continue the chain reaction or did you break it?
Tara Wren