After interviewing an Entrepreneur and meeting many through my educational experience in the Humanics Program, I have realized that being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. It takes perseverance, passion, confidence, and communication skills to pursue a goal whether it is starting your own business or CBO. I would define an entrepreneur as a risk taker who takes no for an answer despite the obstacles encountered. To me, one of the most important qualities that I have observed that make an entrepreneur a risk taker is his/her commitment to success. A strong commitment to success encourages an entrepreneur to  surpass all failing experiences by learning from them.

I can very much relate myself to many of the qualities that an entrepreneur obtains. As a young scholar, I constantly push through negative experiences to achieve my ultimate career goal of starting my own CBO in the Central Valley. A couple of years ago I would not consider myself a risk taker, but now that I have experienced more via my education, I admit that many of the activities that I am involved with are risk-taking due to the importance they have on my community. Interviewing an Entrepreneur has encouraged me to continue to network with more entrepreneurs and philanthropist to gain more skills and knowledge about the community benefit sector.

Millie Medina