Diana Diaz and I are apart of the El Dorado park group and we took are
site visit to Bulldog Pantry. Don Romsa is the overseer of Bulldog
Pantry and conducted the site visit with us. Mr. Romsa is real
passionate about Bulldog Pantry and you could tell how much the Pantry
meant to him by the way he talked about it. Mr. Romsa was able to be
apart of the birth of bulldog pantry and has been able to see it grow
over the past 5 years. This organizing relies solely on donations and
is under the umbrella of Lutheran Campus Ministry. I was fortunate
enough to volunteer at bulldog pantry my second year of college and
was familiar with its purpose. Bulldog Pantry holds some of its food
distribution at Welsey’s Methodist Church in order to reach the El
Dorado Park community. Bulldog Pantry distributes food to 150- 200
people every Saturday and receives their food from the local food bank
and donations from other donors. Don Romsa expressed that they will
be using the grant if received to replace the freezer that is on its
way out and more books, activities, school supplies for the children.
I think that this organization has a lot to offer and can’t wait to
see how much more the organization will grow in the years to come.