The humanics class is truly lucky to have had the opportunity to engage with the top philanthropist in the Central Valley. What I heard from Darius Assemi, Kaye Bonner Cummings and Paula DeYoung, was that it’s a community is only as strong as its efforts. It appears like it would be easy to be born into money and make things happen. A point, Darius Assemi made. Indeed, planting the seeds is easy, particularly if one has money to buy the seeds. But as a philanthropist it’s not always about planting the seed that is important -rather cultivating the seed throughout! Kaye Bonner Cummings cultivates the seeds she sows by challenging grants. Darius Assemi does this by teaching other how to plant seeds, not by bringing them a plant. Paula DeYoung sows her seeds on fertile soil. She does not want to waste resources. She looks for land that is rich in the nutrients needed to sustain growth of healthy plant.


Pati C.