Philanthropy as a Passion and Service
Last week in our Philanthropy and Grant Making course, Fundraiser Karen Chao- Bushoven presented to our class about the art of fundraiser. This week we were privileged to be amongst Paula DeYoung, Darius Assemi, and Kaye Bonner Cummings and hear their expertise in Philanthropy. One aspect about fundraising and philanthropy that is consistent and inevitable is passion. Fundraising isn't just about asking for money, but about sharing your passion for your organization and inviting others to experience what it is that you love about your organization. Now in the beginning I thought that philanthropy was about giving money to a cause that you cared about. After hearing our panelist, I can see the passion and service work it takes to be a philanthropist. When Kaye spoke about her family's foundation, I could see and feel the passion she has for the organizations she support and help grow. Darius Assemi shared his passion for change and public policy influences! I am learning that for CBOs, fundraisers, and philanthropist, building relationships and working together to see the needs of the Fresno communities met is definitely essential for Fresno's future!