I think that the work being done by Bryan, A.P. and the rest of the staff at Neighborhood Thrift is very inspiring. They have been able to take an idea based on helping others in their community and make it work. I appreciate the fact that they have invested their time and efforts into helping those that most people give up on. They genuinely care about others and it shows in the job training programs they offer and through their interactions with their volunteers and staff. The story A.P. shared about one of their current staff members who had a rocky start and habitually ran away from her problems really solidified my admiration for Neighborhood Thrift. They refused to let her give up and never gave up on her. I think that is how all of us who decide to enter the CBO sector professionally need to see the work that we do.  After only 4 years in business, they acknowledged that they still have things to learn about running a business, but I think that their passion for what they do has brought them far and will continue to help them as they grow.