March 14, 2012
There aren’t too many things that can be classified as “free” these days. However, the media is always looking for a story. Not just any story but an oddity that will give them recognition, popularity and ratings. But what’s the cost of “free”? The media isn’t always kind, so it’s great to be able to connect with someone who understands how they work. So many people have been caught and caught up on camera in some very embarrassing moments; all for the sake of ratings. People are engaged in so much negativity through the media, no one can see the good anymore; it’s all about what the viewers want to see, so they say.
Yes visuals are good; yet, people will remember a good story; the two together will make a great story. When I first moved to Fresno and turned on the news the one thing I remembered that first night was a story airing about a cow. I remembered the visual but not the story. It wasn’t a great first impression of the city, especially after being asked why I was moving to Fresno just to be told there wasn’t anything there but cows.  There has been a value set on the media; a credibility that makes people listen; nevertheless, before you engage the media make sure you cross your T’s and dot your I’s, so you don’t make a negative lasting impression.