Last week I had the opportunity to attend a board meeting with Arte America a 501c3 cultural center. This was the 3rd board meeting I have attended since I've been with the Fresno State Humanics Program. Every time I attend these board meetings I learn something new. A board meeting is structured for time, and all the topics that are going to be talked about are all typed out on paper on a Pre-determined agenda.  Most board meetings start off by introducing yourself, then they call the meeting into order and discuss reports, old business, new business, and then any announcements anybody else may have. A board meeting last usually between 1-2 hours, and meet typically once a month.        
I enjoy going to board meetings and learning about organizations finances, and events they are attending. This shows me that to be a successful community benefit organization it is important to be flexible with your time and reach out too as many people as you can to help promote and elevate your organization.  This Board of trustees that I observed, I feel were all qualified to be on that particular board, they all contributed and gave their input to things, plus when there was a disagreement with something, they quickly put all the facts on the table and made a decision by voting. 
To have a successful Community benefit organization it is mandatory that the board members have a expertise in the field they are choosing to work in.  It is also important to have a diverse board so that all prospective can be looked at and analyzed. I value my experiences with observing organization board meetings, because one day I will have my own organization, or I will be serving on a board, and I like to be able to contribute with the confidence that what I've learned in class, and what I've learned observing board meetings, I will be able to help make a huge impact on the community with the decisions we are making.   
Anthony Dakuras