I think one aspect of that The Challenge of Leadership in the Times We're In article presented is one that all Humanics scholars, volunteers, and staff of community benefit organizations can relate to. It is natural for many to put others before themselves, without hesitation or second thought. However, in order to take care of others, we must be in the best shape possible. While completely rational and seemingly obvious, this may be a fact easier said than done. Many struggle with this concept because it seems to defeat the purpose of self- sacrifice. How can we serve others when we put our own self first? Shouldn't others always be our main concern? This is a thoughtful and genuine mode of thinking, however we must be practical in order to be sustainable. We must be able to care for ourselves primarily, then dedicate our time and energy. For if we are not at our best performing level, we are little use to others. By making sure we are able-bodied and ready to take on the challenges that face us, we can better serve those around us.