April, 23 2012
Every now and again I think about what it would be like to live in an era of silent movies, flap skirts, neat and clean uniforms, shiny shoes, and white gloves. Then I realize that it was probably best that I wasn’t born during that time because I have to have air conditioning. The Warnors Theater creates a nostalgic feeling of “remember when” and takes you to a place and time that happened before some of us were even thought about. Preserving history in any city is expensive and hard work. Competing with the present and the future can be very challenging. Thinking outside the box takes many minds of many age groups. For someone to ask so openly for help shows how special the theater is and how devoted people are to preserve it. While thinking about how to, I began thinking about how come and why? How come schools built theaters on their campuses? I know there are obvious reasons but why didn’t the schools use the theater downtown? Why didn’t the school districts come together to retrofit and preserve a piece of history to practice and perform there? It was mentioned that it would take approximately $50 million to bring the theater back. If the school districts had come together with their resources this would have been accomplished. Performing in a replica theater is nothing like performing in one that has had so much talent on its stage. Why do we create things to only forget about them? This reminds me of children at play; eventually they get tired of something and it gets thrown in the trash, after so much time and money was spent to get it. What are we teaching our future generations? Why do for profit companies like Macy's remain supported by society? R.H. Macy has been long gone; yet, his vision and mission remains.