It's always nice to touch bases with your mentor especially when you may not have all the best possible answers while going through semester.  Today, I had that opportunity for an hour and half. We discussed some issues that pertained to the semester / class that I am involved in along with some innovated ideas that I could apply with the weeks that are remaining in the semester. The reason, why I am sharing this blog about keeping in touch with your mentor is not bragging but giving a solution of what to do when you do get stuck on a project. Some times the answers can be right under our nose you just need some direction as where to look. So, I only encourage those who do have mentors to pick up the phone, text, or even send e-mail and connect with your mentor . Any way you look at it the experience is rewarding in itself. On a final note , I can honestly say that meeting with my mentor today proved that obstacles only become visible when you lose sight of a goal.