After visiting Neighborhood Thrift I walked away feeling truly inspired and reminded of exactly why I have chosen to pursue a career in Community Benefit Organizations. I recall a fellow classmate asking if the organization was faith-based and their response has since then remained in my mind. They explained that they were not a Christian organization but an organization operated by Christians and that their faith and love for God and people is what fueled them to do what they are currently doing. It is that same faith and love that fuels my desire to help better the lives of others. Hearing them describe themselves in this manner reminds us of the why and how of our goals and purpose, not what we are as individuals. This can apply any sort of belief or ideologies that fuel passion, not just faith-based. We must focus on why we do what we do and how to do it successfully and effectively rather than focusing on what we are as individuals as to not lose sight of the bigger picture: reaching out to others, regardless of our own personal standards or beliefs.


Well done, Neighborhood Thrift! I commend you for your honesty and passion for loving people no matter where they are at in life.


Gina Tempesta