Earlier in this semester I had the privilege to see a live Pecha Kucha presentation. The presentation was at studio 55 in down town Fresno.  The reason I attended this event was because I'm part of the education group giving out $3,000. The education group is in charge of the organization of the actual event, and I am apart of the script committee.  During our event ceremony we are to give a Pecha Kucha presentation about the Fresno State Humanics program, and before I attended this event I had no Idea what Pecha Kucha was. 
Pecha Kucha is a type of presentation that is trying to get away from the traditional PowerPoint presentation using typed up sentences. Pecha Kucha is about hearing words and at the same time seeing attention getting visuals. The structure of Pecha Kucha is having 20 slides shown, and only having 20 seconds to talk about each slide. The picture slides are to express what you want to say with an image to connect with your topic, and relate too your audience. The Pictures could be funny, meaningful, or could have a subliminal meaning.  
The presentations at the Pecha Kucha event I attended were all very funny.  The Presenters made something like a crossword puzzle or a bike rack more interesting that it really is.  The topic was structure, and it was suppose to help us with understanding the structure of a CBO.
As I start creating my own Pecha Kucha to present in front of the class and in front of the people that will attend our grant handout event, I will be thinking back on how the people before me related their information to a crowd. I look forward to seeing how my Pecha Kucha will turn out, I have confidence that it will be appealing and informative. Over all I think Pecha Kucha presentations are a great way to give information, and its also a great way too get to the point with visual aids that people may remember for a long time.   
Education Team- Chair
Anthony Dakuras