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Date: Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 2:45 PM
Subject: Reflection: YESterday, TOday, the FUTURE
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YESterday, TOday, the FUTURE
April 10, 2012
Visiting Storyland brought back some unforgettable childhood memories. While waiting at the entrance, I asked a few classmates if it was anything like Fairyland in Oakland, CA; surprisingly it was. Fairyland was a treat for me as a child and for my first three children when they were little.  We traveled 24 miles to Fairyland, which was in a completely different city. It made me wonder about today’s circumstances that prevent people from driving within the same city to share the same great memories we once did as children. Barry Falke talked about many things; however the one thing that stood out the most was “know who you serve and serve them well.” The ultimate goal is to be the most respected CBO. In order to do this there must be support from everyone and everyone must be clear on their roles. To me, the statement echoed a distress economy that has hurt many people and families. It’s hard to think about all the children who are missing out on this kind of experience. What’s more depressing is how anything educational is put to the side or on the back burner; yet we continue to build jails with anticipation on housing current third graders in the future. Storyland started with a gift of philanthropy and grew with a gratuity of support and involvement. The different forms of giving affirmed the importance of community, education, and paved a way for establishing a mission that remains constant. Somehow we must find a way to allow every child to experience Storyland. Maybe sponsor a child, sponsor a class, or sponsor a school? As a community, we must act and help CBO’s such as Storyland to encourage the love of reading and storytelling; instead of the love of building prisons.
Tara Wren