I really enjoyed the process of doing the site visit. I like the idea of talking too a CEO of an organization and giving them an interview. I was able to go to two site visits, one at Encourage Tomorrow, and one at Arte America.  I set up the interview with Encourage tomorrow by writing the CEO an email.  She quickly responded with enthusiasm and wanted to meet with me and my partner that week. In the interview I found out about all the programs they offered from student's getting tutoring, too family counseling dealing with divorce.  Encourage Tomorrow also had a Saturday morning program that focused on exercise and health and they engaged in physical activities such as different kinds of sports and games. Also during the interview we discussed board contribution, board diversity, annual reports, and their 990's. At first I felt uncomfortable about talking about finances with the CBO, but overall I would say it was a great learning experience. Everyone at Encourage Tomorrow was very nice, and it is a kind of program that I like to see in our community. 
Arte America was the second organization I was able to visit.  I did not set up this interview, but I was appreciative that I was able to participate and help conduct an interview at this site.  I am really interested in art and it was great to see a bunch of phenomenal paintings in their gallery. A lot of the paintings where from the Hispanic culture dealing with the underdogs in the world, and I felt I could personally relate to the struggles expressed in some of the paintings.  My Partner and I were able to get a tour of the whole property and Interview the CEO, the development director and the finance director, the interview lasted about 40 minutes.  Arte America expressed to us all of their involvement in the community dealing with the girls scouts, adult groups, Fresno county, and central unified.  It was said that over 25,000 people walk through their gallery a year, and I thought that was rather interesting. In the interview we talked about how they would honor Philip T. Manoogian and they said they would put his name up in the student gallery. We also discussed board contribution and the qualifications of their board.  
In conclusion Giving a $3,000 grant away is not as easy as I thought it would be. In the process of selecting organizations to visit, my group was not able to get in contact with a number of organizations, and also some organizations were just not interested or felt they did not have time to work with the Fresno State Humanics program. I found this to be unique because I thought every organization would jump at an opportunity to receive money for their program. As of today the education team have still not picked a organization to fund, but in the up coming weeks their will be one organization that shines over them all, and will receive a check for $3,000            
Education Team- Chair
Anthony Dakuras