During the tour I learned that Storyland was opened in 1962 and then
playland in 1965. Storyland/ Playland went through a period called
the dark ages in the 1990’s because revenue was barely coming in and
they didn’t know if it would make it through that time. It was
interesting to know that the members of the board sat on both
Storyland/ Playland. Storyland/ Playland recent Executive Director
incorporated social media to reach all targeted audiences for
donations and vistior’s to the park. I thought it was neat that some
of the donors names were engraved on the bricks in the ground. Going
to Storyland/ Playland reminded me of Fairy tale land and Funder land
in Sacramento. Both parks had the same kind of look and were located
by the zoo. I hope to be able to visit Storyland/ Playland during
their hours of operation to get a better understanding what it is