This article makes me think of how it is not good to learn something and then think that it is ok to get comfortable. Although it may seem like things are running well, there are changes occurring, which one should be researching. It is better to be prepared than to be surprised and not know how to react. The author of this article, Mr. Marty Linsky describes the current economy as uncertain, so there is much to learn. To be able to adapt to this continuing recession new alternatives need to be considered because, like he says, there has not been this type of uncertainty since the Great Depression. Fortunately, we currently have many sources, including the Internet, which gives us a better understanding of the economical trend and what are our choices. I do believe that for many organizations, bringing in more diversity would be beneficial. The younger generations bring new ideas and a new perspective, which could become a positive asset. Mr. Linsky describes six skills that could help organizations' sustainability. The six are "adaptation, experimentation, collaboration, orchestration, imagination, and self-preservation." Experimentation appeals to me because being able to try new things can be the deciding factor as to whether an organization can survive in the changing environment.