After reading assigned readings from the Pollyanna Principles and lectures by Dr. Simmons, it is not difficult to tie it all to our team’s experience with the CBO we are currently consulting.  The first thought that comes to mind is that everyone in the CBO sector cares for others and wants positive change for our communities. However, the economic crisis that is affecting everyone including the CBO sector is an opportunity to revise the way in which we have been operating. This introspective view allows for revision of what still works, what needs adjusting, and what needs to change. I believe a great place to start, according to the Pollyanna Principles (chapters 15-17), is revising the vision, mission, and values statements to determine if they are reflective of our current diverse population and its needs. Yet, most importantly is reaching out and getting involved with other CBOs; seeking the needed collaboration and exchange of resources. Thus, ultimately bringing about the desired change because as stated in the Pollyanna Principles we are all “interconnected and interdependent whether we acknowledge it or not.”