Visit to Neighborhood Thrift Store

A few weeks ago we, the Humanics students at FresnoState, had the opportunity to visit Neighborhood Thrift Store. Israel, Tara, and I car pooled and worked on our questions prior to the presentation. Once in the store we met other class members and were cordially greeted by AP one of the founders, making us feel relaxed and welcome. Later we met Brian the Co-founder. It was an informal presentation. As they opened up their entrepreneurial spirits and revealed their hearts, I could not stop myself from relating them to Peter Block, John McKnight, and their Abundant Community Model. Particularly when AP mentioned something along these lines “We take what some members of the community do not need anymore and recycle it.”  They also mentioned that they do not give up on the people they hire and train. To me, Brian and AP, like Peter and John, are not afraid of bringing in the faith component to what they do. They recycle materials but most of all they collaborate to restore lives; the lives of the people within the community. Thanks to our professors for exposing us to an amazing experience; real down to earth everyday people caring for each other and growing in knowledge along the way. These young men are inspirational and a reminder that with goodwill, faith, and professors like ours we have work to do. Bravo! To Brian and AP for what they have accomplished and for what is to come.