I’ve enjoyed the three past class sessions we’ve held. From each CBO site visit, I’ve taken in some keys traits that are major aspects to the business and services side of these CBOs.  Each organization provided great insight on how to run a CBO as a “business”. When we visited Neighborhood Thrift Store, I was curious to know how the owners compete with other second hand stores. Their answer was what I would love to hear any company say, “Who we are and what we represent attracts our customers”. That says that even though they are a store, their main goal is to stay focus to their mission which is providing an opportunity for community members to work and grow.  At our next visit, Storyland/Playland, I was really impressed by the learning aspect the park offered. Something I thought was important that the ED mentioned was about the culture of his CBO. His stated that even if hard times come and they are in need of funds etc., they will always stated focus on what they are in existence for, and make sure that everything they do represents the culture of Storyland.  For our latest CBO visit, we got a tour at Warnor’s Theatre in downtown Fresno. I was very impressed by the architecture and design the building has. The history the building represent is so visible. The board member giving us the tour sort of had 1920’s look going on in her clothing (in my opinion). I loved it! I even learned how silent films contributed their storytelling music, an old organ that has all of these keys that give off different sound effects. It was cool. What I like most about Warnor’s Theatre is the fact that they’re bringing in income by providing an opportunities for local entrepreneurs. Connected to the theatre were several stores artist stores ran by local owners. Even better, the items in the store are made by local Fresnoans!!! Isn’t that so supportive? It’s been great to see CBOs run a legit business and be successful! Most importantly, they haven’t lost their purpose or sight of their mission! Way to go.