The experience at Warnors Theater was unforgettable. Never did I know Fresno had such a beautiful historic building to offer. ( I need to get out more). More importantly, Warnors Theater history is what makes it so special. Having had many famous performers in its doors, it is surely a must visit building. The way Warnors stood afloat was that it had to keep bringing in performance shows just so they can make their average $50,000.00 a month bill. Also, Warnors building supports itself by renting out little stores on the sides of its building. The stores are all unique in their own way in that they promote genuine Fresno goods. Also, they building contains a few other large spaces where these rooms can go for $2,000 dollars a piece. 

The way my organization can learn from those is too adopt multiple ways of finding revenues to sustain themselves. Like Warnors, Wayfinders must become more on the entrepreneurial side so that is can hold its own on the long run. 

Pechu Kucha was awesome. What I learned was that alcohol makes presentations fun (Joking). On top of that, it is the pictures and the quick 20 second slides that make it interesting. I can honestly say I say remember most of those presentations till this day.