Last week, our Humanics class met at Warnors Theater in Downtown Fresno; like many of my classmates have described it, it is a historical gem. The building is impressive but what was more astonishing was the passion in which both of the board members spoke about the building. We were fortunate to see the theater through Sally Caglia and Dan Fitzpatrick eyes. Both know the building inside out which made the tour most interesting. They also collaborate with other CBOs in the area. Furthermore, they are fully aware of the population they serve. The theater has hosted an array of shows. Dan mentioned that the event’s rooms are not only rented for businesses and weddings but also for “Quinceañeras”. It is just inspiring to see what they have done to keep the building running and also the relationship they seem to have with Dr. Simmons. It felt like being part of the Fresno Family. After Warnors, we (Tara, Hannah, and I) had dinner together at the Iron Bird Cafe. The food was good and one of the waiters was familiar with PECHAKUCHA, he caught up with us later at Fulton 55 for the presentation. It was also nice to see Barry Falke there and to be greeted by the presenter.  With this being said, it was a great evening. Dr. Simmons’ email before class read “The city is our Classroom.”  To this, I would add, thanks Dr. Simmons for making it our home. There is no question in my mind that all the CBOs we are working with this semester can learn from Warnors Theater‘s Board a why not build more relationships at a PECHAKUCHA night at Fulton 55.

Gracias! (Thanks) to all for such an unforgettable learning experience.