I had a great time visiting Warnors Theater. It is yet another Fresno jewel that I had not discovered in the 6 years I lived in Fresno. I can honestly say that without the Humanics program I probably would have never experienced such an amazing place. The tour we received was one that I feel everyone would enjoy and appreciate. I thought it was great to hear the many references Sally Caglia and Dan Fitzpatrick made to their experience with the Humanics Capacity Building project and the changes that they as board members have tried to enact due to what they heard. Warnors has made great strides to fully utilize their space and make Warnors profitable and sustainable while becoming a place that the community of Fresno can utilize and take full advantage of. With the many different events that can be held there to the shops located on the property, Warnors is doing its part to help revitalize downtown and make people realize that Fresno has so much more to offer than they think.