The moment I stepped into the Warnor’s Theatre, I felt like I was in a complete different world. I had to stop and ask myself a couple of times, “Am I still in Fresno? Where have I been all my life? Why have I been missing out on such an amazing educational experience?” I felt quite disappointed in myself for never knowing about the Warnor’s Theatre in the 11 years that I have lived in the Central Valley. As Sally Caglia and Dan Fitzpatrick gave us a detailed and informational tour, I realized that Warnor’s Theatre, along with Star Palace and Frank’s Place, needs to be advertised a lot more especially in multiple languages. After conversing with some friends and about my experience at Warnor’s Theatre, I was saddened to find out that despite the many years Warnor’s Theatre has been opened, none of my friends who lived in Fresno knew about Warnor’s theatre. I believe that if more events were held at Warnor’s Theatre and advertisements in multiple languages were enforced, this unique theatre would be more accessible to the community. Warnor’s Theatre can also network with community-benefit organizations to find a way in which the community residents near Warnor’s Theatre could help benefit the theatre. Warnor’s Theatre is one of Fresno’s many riches that need to be better appreciated by the community.

My consulting team and I are currently working with Calvin Crest and I think that Calvin Crest and Warnor’s Theatre can very much benefit from one another if both promote each other’s organizations with the populations they serve. They can both benefit from one another’s resources and networks. Both of these organizations need to capture a bigger population to become sustainable.