It was such an extraordinary experience to have been guided by Sally and Dan through Warnors Theatre. I remember being given the opportunity to perform there when I was in high school for choir, but when I stepped into the building, I instantly became upset with myself. Why did I not see it the first time? How could I have not seen its beautiful structures and wonderful artwork that resonated throughout the entire building? I was completely breathless. It was a sight to see it from such a different perspective and I greatly appreciate having something so remarkable in Fresno. It truly is touching to know what we have something so incredible in our city and that it is being preserved and restored in all its glory. With the monthly bill cost, it was interesting to hear about how they go about raising money for the building to keep it going. It just goes to show that there isn't just one way of making ends meet, and that being able to open up to new ideas and ways of thinking can also open new opportunities for a positive outlook of the future.

Michelle A.