Wesley United Methodist Church made the conscious decision 10 years ago to stay in the neighborhood rather than move to a nicer area. They knew that when they made this decision that they were deciding to assist the community in anyway they could. The church views itself as part of the community and acts like it though every aspect of the church. Their ministries for Fresno State Service Area include:

·      Food pantry that’s open when the church is open

·      Feeding the community every Thursday

o   Includes story time and crafts for the kids

·      Supporting the Boys and Girls club

o   Financially, with staff, and its built on their property

·      Donates backpacks and school supplies to the children

·      Built, with assistance, the only park in El Dorado park

·      Opened a thrift store whose proceeds go to the El Dorado ministry

·      Let Bulldog pantry, Greek community watch, El Dorado Park project meet in their church free of charge

·      Started a Mommy and me program for the community

·      Started the El Dorado Park Project that work with city and state congress to assist the area

·      More that I am forgetting…


As you can see Wesley United Methodist Church doesn’t only work to assist the area, but supports other organizations do so as well. The most impressive part of the site visit was learning that all of their ministries in the service area were run completely by volunteers and the vast majority of their funds come from donations from the congregation. Overall I was really impressed with the church and their efforts to help their community.